McDermott B-12 Pool Cue

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Building on the success of the MR Series, the B Series consisted of sixteen new models utilizing a wider variety of hardwoods (Bolivian walnut, Michigan maple, East Indian rosewood, West African ebony) attractively displayed in the inlaid points and employing a removable weight screw in the butt. This new weight feature allowed the customer to change the weight of the cue, which is still utilized today. Additionally the famous McDermott Clover was engraved into every cue. The cues featured nylon wraps on the B1-10 and leather or Irish linen on the B11-16. Four B Series cues are worth over $1000.

The McDermott B Series included a total of 16 different sticks. The B1-B10 models featured nylon as the standard wrap while the B11-B16 models came with Irish linen and leather. The B11 and up models also had large, distinct points down their forearms. Some of the cues had pastel colors while others stuck with darker, earthier tones and colors. The B series debuted the ability for interchangeable weight control via the butt of the cue.

Many different exotic woods were used with these vintage McDermott cues. This includes East Indian rosewood, ebony, walnut and many other varieties. The joints and sleeves featured intricate design work. These cues were sold at between $40 and $220 and now can be found for between $400 and $1,500.

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