Custom Pool Cue Makers

39 Custom Cues (China) Chinese, English
A&R Cues (Ireland) – All A&R Cues are hand made from the finest woods available.
Adam Japan (Japan) Chinese, English, Japanese, Spanish
AE Custom Pool Cues(US) – Artistic engineering. Known for multi-level inlays with thin outlines, as well as inlaid ring work.
Alcalde Billiard Cues (Spain) – Jewels to play billiards. The artistic touch is evident in the simplicity, stability and style of these unique pieces. Dutch, English, French, Italian, Korean, Spanish
Allen Hopkins Triniti Cues(US) – The standards of a champion, the designs of his son.
Alpert Custom Cues – Fine craftsmanship, stroking excellence.
Altantis Cues (Singapore) – Altantis proudly presents our latest & most innovative acrylic cues. Specially designed & hand crafted by our Master craftsman to improve player performance & handling agility.
Arnot Q Custom Cues(US) – Arnot has been building fine pool cues for many years in the West Palm Beach area. His ultimate desire has always been to build a fine cue for serious players. A cue that hits solid. A cue that is durable. A cue that is beautiful.
Arthur Custom Cues (Germany) German
AS Billiard Cues (Ukraine) English, Ukrainian
Astral Cues (Turkey) English, Turkish
Aurora Custom Snooker Cues (Canada)
AV’s Cue Shop(US) – Traditional style butterfly jointery.
Baguette Laurin Cue (Canada) French
Baguettes de Billard Boulanger inc., Les (Canada) – All billiard cues that we construct are made of premier quality wood. English, French
Baker Custom Cues(US) – Individually crafted by Buddy Baker. Each cue is constructed with elite craftsmanship meeting exact standards to produce superior quality. These cues offer a high level of playability consistently providing a hit that is truly remarkable.
Balabushka Cues(US) – A unique joint effort between the family of the late cue master, George Balabushka, and the superb manufacturing abilities of Richard Helmstetter.
Barenbrugge Cues
Barioni Cues(US) – We make high performance cues for pool players and collectors. Built to give you that edge and upper advantage over your opponent.
Barringer Custom Handcrafted Cues(US) – Maker of fine custom pool cues, billiard cues, shaft wood, domestic and exotic wood, and custom cue building lathes & inlay machines.
BCM Custom Cues(US) – Handcrafted from beautiful exotic hardwoods.
BD Cues and Comix(US) – Strives to provide cues that are unique in design, visually appealing and have the great playability you expect from quality, custom made cues. The home of Underground Comix Art Cues.
Beach Custom Cues(US) – Custom cues by Carlton Beach.
Bebot Bautista Custom Cues (Philippines)
Bender Cues(US) – A two-person shop in Alaska’s Interior. We have been building cues here in Delta Junction since 1992, though our work was well-known before we headed up the Alaska Highway. We specialize in building custom cues tailored to fit our customers’ needs.
Billy Webb Custom Pool Cues(US) – After operating out of both Seattle and Houston, Bill returned home to Arkansas in 1999 where he produces around 30 cues per year. These are divided between butterfly and six-point cues.
Black Mesa Custom Cues(US) – Custom cues by Kyle Josefy. Contact us for quality custom-made cue sticks, cue stick repair, cleaning and refinishing.
Blaze Cues(US) – Produce a fresh line of bright and attractive pool cues. The Blaze Color Line is innovative for the sleek design and bright colors of each pool cue.
BLP Cues (China) Chinese, English
Bludworth Originals(US) – Offers a premier selection of custom built Cue Making Machinery to help you succeed in the cue making industry.
Blue Grass Cues(US) – We make less than 50 cues per year. We believe in the old fashioned way of making cues, no computerized equipment, just hard work and lots of time.
Bob Harris Custom Cues(US) – I have been an avid pool player for over 30 years and a cue collector/dealer for over 20 years. I began building my own cues in early 2000. I build less that 10 cues per year.
Bob Meucci Customs(US) – The entire cue is built with one priority in mind: to give every player more power with less effort. Meucci is unquestionably the most accurate tool ever built for the game of pool.
Bobby Hunter Custom Cues(US) – What started out as a hobby turned into a lifelong pursuit of perfection in technique and equipment for Bobby.
Brunswick Cues
Bunjee Jump Break Cues(US) – Developed by John Collins, creator of the Instroke Cue Case, have earned themselves the reputation of being the best jump cues on the market. Bunjee Jump Cues are used by professional and beginning players alike.
Burroughes & Watts (United Kingdom) – Genuine, English hand-made snooker and pool cues by Burroughes & Watts® are acknowledged as being among the best, and often are acclaimed to be the very best cues in the world.
Butterfly Cues (China) Chinese
Buttjer Cues(US) – Quality takes time and your cue is not mass produced. In fact, once your sketch is a complete cue, the sketch is retired assuring your cue is unique and there is only one, it’s yours and yours alone.
Cameron Custom Cues(US) – Custom pool cues, made for the player of the sport. We take your game as seriously as you do. Experience and service since 1996.
Cannon Cues(US) – Custom handcrafted cues by John Brown. Combining beautiful materials, craftsmanship and playability.
Capone Custom Cues(US) – Sought after by collectors and players alike. Mike Capone is one of the finest custom pool cues in the billiard industry.
Carter Custom Cues(US) – Being a pool player for over 25 years has taught Chad how cues should play – and he incorporates a combination of these experiences into each and every cue that leaves his shop.
Cem – Cue und Billardservice German
Chad Norberg Custom Cues(US) – Original designs, maintenance, and repairs. Home of the X-Factor jump cues.
Chesworth Cues (United Kingdom) – Since 1989 Chesworth Cues have been involved in the manufacture a sales of high quality snooker cues and snooker accessories.
Chilton Custom Cues(US) – Cuemaker Dale Chilton. Home of the Flying Eagle jump cue.
Chris’ Cues by Chris Whitaker
Chuck Starkey Pool Cues(US)
Coll Cues(US) – I hope the cues that I build for you help you enjoy this game we all love.
Collapsar Cues (China)
Competition Sports Corp.(US) – Manufacturer of such names as Hercules, Karella and Bentley as well as distributors of Balabushka cues
Corsair Custom Cues(US) – Handcrafted custom cues and repairs since 1968.
Coutts Cues (United Kingdom) – A small family run business which started back in 1999 although Dave has actually been making cues for well over 20 years. To the best of our knowledge Dave is the only tradesman left in the UK that makes his cues using the traditional methods by hand.
Craftsman Cues (United Kingdom) – Specialist cue makers to the professionals for over 25 years.
Cue Craft of England (United Kingdom)
Cue International (United Kingdom) – The world’s finest billiard accessories. Superior “Hi-Tech” graphite construction for ultimate performance and durability.
Cues by Dave Sucher(US) – From a block of wood turned at just the right time each cue is a work of art you will be proud to own and use.
CueWorks etc. Custom Shafts(US) – We make a custom jump shaft that is short (12-14″) and cone tapered rather than pro tapered. These pool cue shafts are made of Purple Heart wood, very dense. They are used with the full butt for jump shots that require more accuracy.
Dale Perry Custom Cues(US) – We take quality very seriously at DP Custom Cues. Every cue is built one at a time and is only handled by two people. If a cue is not right we don’t sell it. Period.
Dan Dishaw Custom Cues(US) – Dan makes about 100 cues a year in the shop he has built under his music store. Dishaw Custom cues are indefinitely guaranteed against construction defects that are not the result of warpage or abuse.
Dan Trogdon Custom Cues(US) – Quality pool cues at reasonable prices (see our online cue catalog). Also selling ivory, cue parts, joint protectors, tip shaper, repairs of all kinds.
Dave Jones Custom Cues(US) – I have been making cues for seven years and my long term goal is to retire from the water district were I currently work and make cues full time. I’m working hard to build a reputation of customer satisfaction, fine workmanship and playability.
Dayton Cues(US) – A well established custom pool cue maker. Paul Dayton designs unique, one of a kind custom pool cues, from its cue tip to choosing just the right exotic wood.
db Custom Cues
DBK Cues – Cues by Dmitry Komarov. Russian
Denali Pool Cues(US) – Custom hand made billiard pool cues of the highest quality and very best prices.
DeRoo Cues (Canada) – Since 1988 Kevin Deroo has been professionally producing snooker and pool cues of the highest standard, made of quality hardwoods from around the world.
Diveney Custom Cues(US) – Each cue I build offers the best materials, the finest craftsmanship and a high attention to detail. No cue leaves my shop that my hands have not spent hours machining, polishing, and dressing to perfection.
Dominiak Custom Cues(US) – Official web site Of Dominiak Custom Cues and the high performance Dominator Cue Shaft.
Donnelly Custom Cues(US)
Doublel (Italy) – Thirty years of experience in prestigious billiard cue manufacture. English, Italian
Downey Custom Cues(US)
Downey Custom Cues
Dr. Popper Jump Q by Mark Dimick(US) – The best dedicated jump cue. Handcrafted in USA. Jump from less than an inch away. Used in ESPN Trick Shot Magic.
Dufferin Cues Chinese, English
Dunkel Custom Cues(US)
Dunns Cues (United Kingdom) – We provide world class quality hand made snooker cues. All our cues are well balanced and you will feel great playing with it.
Dzuricky Custom Cues(US) – I only build about 30 cues each year. Almost all are per customer request so I rarely have extra cues for sale “off the rack”.
East Coast Cues(US) – Fine handcrafted pool cues by William Haskins.
Eddie Chastain Custom Cues(US) – Master cue repair and master cue maker is also an authorized dealer of Predator Cues.
Efremov Cues (Russia) – Cues by Alexander Efremov. We would be pleased to speak with you about manufacturing the cue of your dreams. We are sure that those who are fond of billiards will play with our cues for years and really enjoy them. English, Russian
Equalizer Pool Cue (Australia) – Custom made pool & snooker cues. The Equalizer is a hand spliced cue with a rosewood butt and ash shaft. They have been endorsed by Jason “Tornado” Twist.
Ernie Martinez Custom Cues(US) – Building custom cues is an art that must be developed over years of experience. The cues themselve are as unique as the billiard player using them. We make every effort to match the custom cue made with the player using the cue.
Erwin Custom Cues(US) – Cues by Mike & Scott Erwin. The most exquisite cues in the industry combined with exceptional quality and personal customer service. Who would want anything else?
eSBee Creations (France) – eSBee Creations is manufacturing billiard and pool cues. Brand names are Stradivarius and eSBee. Dutch, English, French
Escalade Sports
Espiritu Custom Cues(US) – Since 1984 Russ Espiritu has been building high quality custom cues. Russ only uses the finest in materials including silver, gold, ivory, turqoise, malachite, jade, pearl, pau shell, fire agate and many other materials.
Evans (United Arab Emirates) – Handcrafted cuesport products in finest quality. English, French, German
Exceed (Japan) – Custom made by Miki Co., Ltd.
Fantom Cues(US) – An all new line of pool cues for the new recreational player, league player, weekend ball hitter, home game room, and up to the serious minded player.
Frankie Doodle Custom Cues(US) – Frankie Doodle’s Sneaky Petes and break cues are all custom built to the buyer’s specifications. We can cut down a new house cue or build one from scratch.
Fury (China) Chinese, English
Fury Cues(US)
G.S.B. Cues(US) – I have spent many years working with woods. About 5 years ago I combined my love of wood working with my love of billiards. There is nothing like the feeling of accomplishment that comes from finishing a beautiful cue and knowing that it shoots great.
G.T. Custom Cues (Germany) German
Gardner Billiards Company(US) – See the different services offered by GBC along with some examples of custom cues built by us. Don’t forget to check out the section on cues for sale and the billiard accessories available from us.
GLD Products Inc. – Cues(US)
Glover Cues (Northern Ireland) – Hand made custom built billiards, snooker and pool cues of the highest quality.
Golden Rod Cues(US)
Gracio Custom Cues – Custom cues by Scott Gracio. Here in the Gracio shop I take cue building seriously. My cues are high quality customs built completely by me.
Grafex Graphite Cues by Palko (Australia) – Combine style, quality and performance to produce a truly magnificent product. Grafex is the trusted name in graphite cues. The Grafex range features stylish designs, and utilises the latest in graphite cue technology.
Green Baize Ltd Cues (United Kingdom) – GBL cues are custom made in Thailand. 9 different splice patterns to choose from. The look of a cue can be easily be changed using different combinations of veneers and exotic woods.
Greg’s Kues(US) – Using the best materials available and my knowledge of machining, I am able to produce approximately 10-15 cues per year, all of which are hand made. These cues are designed by me and sold locally at very reasonable prices.
Gulyassy Cues(US) – The original designer of the Sledgehammer, Mike Gulyassy builds some of the finest playing cues in the game of pool today.
Gunn-McEniry Cues(US) – Master pool cue makers Wayne Gunn and Terry McEniry. We make no two alike in looks but all our cues are slight forward balanced naturally and solid hit. Break and shoot with the same cue. You won’t put it down.
Hanshew Custom Cues(US) – Owned and operated by James Hanshew.
Hartmann Cues (Germany) – Cues by Andreas Hartmann German
Heidrich Custom Cues – High quality and affordable custom pool cues for everyone’s needs.
Hercek Fine Billiard Cues(US) – Joel Hercek builds every single cue using the coveted full-splice technique, which is rarely used today due to its time-consumption and difficulty.
Hightower Custom Cues(US) – Your premier source for custom cues. Buy one of the already made cues or get one specially made for you.
Hitt Cues(US) – Hand built custom cues.
Hunter Classics Custom Cues – Custom cues by Wes Hunter. Although Wes strives for artistic character in all his cues, playability is the utmost priority.
Hurricane Cues
Instroke Cues
J. Pechauer Custom Cues(US) – Jerry and his son Joe, play an active role in the hand-crafting process that each cue receives to insure the J. Pechauer quality, craftsmanship, and tradition lives on and is passed to the next generation.
Jackson Custom Cue(US) – Manufacturers of fine custom pool cues. A hand made product much like the old cues made twenty and thirty years ago. Like most of the finest cue manufacturers today, Jackson makes a cue with the best possible products available.
Jacoby Custom Cues(US) – Formed in 1982 as Dave’s Cue Service. They put their talents and imaginations to work aided by other great cue makers and earned themselves membership in the American Cue Maker’s Association.
Jason Owen Cues (United Kingdom)
Jerico Cues(US) – Custom cues by Jerry Powers. Fine cues at a fair price. Got a design in mind? Call Jerry and talk it over. If it can be built, Jerry can build it.
Jerry Olivier Hand Crafted Custom Cues(US) – Jerry uses only the finest natural materials in the construction of his cues. Ebony, ivory, malachite, birdseye maple, cocobolo, bacote, and injected wildwoods are just a few of the options you can feature in an Olivier Cue.
Jerry Terbrock Custom Cues(US) – Jerry specializes in high quality handcrafted one of a kind pool cues. Custom-made two-piece cues and jump cues are built with high quality specifications. Collectible, hand made cues for pocket billiards built by a custom cuemaker with high quality.
Jim Buss Custom Cues(US) – Jim Buss, known throughout the world as one of the top custom pool cuemakers. Jim is also on the Board of Directors of the American Cuemaker’s Association, was President for 4 years. Run over your opponent with a Buss.
JK Queue’s (Germany) German
Joe Johnson Snooker Cues (United Kingdom) – In creating a cue, Joe ensures that every one is made from the finest materials available. The shafts are of the highest quality straight grained mature ash and maple.
John Bender Professional Cues and Cue Repair(US) – Fine traditional style cues, and a few with a twist, made using traditional methods.
John LaLonde Cues(US) – Custom made pool cues. Move your game up to the next level.
John Madden Cues(US) – My goal is to be the “cuemaker of choice” for anyone buying a stick. All of my cues are carefully handcrafted to meet my customer’s specifications.
Joseph Pechauer Custom Cues
Josey Custom Cues(US) – Each handmade Josey cue is crafted to meet exacting standards of form and function to produce a cue with superior playability.
Joss Cues(US) – Perfect for the player and collector alike. Whether you invest in one of these fine cues for yourself or a loved one you cant go wrong with a Joss Cue.
Kanaka Creek Custom Cues(US)
Kao Kao (Taiwan)
Kawartha Custom Cues (Canada) – If you’re looking for a cue with a lot of inlays, points and fancy ringwork, you are in the wrong place. That’s not my style. My cues get their good looks for the wood that goes in them and they are players cues all the way.
Keith Andy Custom Cues (Japan) Japanese
Keith Auld Handmade Cues (United Kingdom) – Making the finest handmade cues for over 30 years.
Keith Nickerson Custom Cues(US) – A high quality cue should look good, feel good, and most importantly hit good. If any of these criteria are missing, I simply won’t sell the cue. You can be assured that the best quality possible is the objective of each and every cue I build.
Kendall’s Custom Cues – When quality counts. Handcrafted cues made of the finest materials available. You’ll feel the difference with every shot, these cue are playable and affordable. I’ve got cues for every skill level, for the beginner’s or the pro’s
Kent Davis Cues(US) – Kent Davis is one of the best kept secrets in California cue making. A master woodworker, with an eye for superb woods.
Kilby Cues(US) – Custom cues by Ron Kilby. Since 1987, he has created cues for players of every level. In 1995 he began to focus on carom cues, with their traditional wood-thread joint and characteristics distinct from pool cues.
KnobbyCue(US) – They all make’em pretty……..Knobby makes’em win.
Kornele Custom Cues(US) – Steve Kornele uses years of experience and the finest materials to create a truly exceptional pool cue.
Lambros Cues(US) – Handcrafted custom cues by Mike Lambros. We believe the best customer is an educated customer. We will provide you with all the information that you need to know about our products and services.
Lebow Custom Cues(US) – Each cue I make is special, and each customer is treated with respect. Most of my customers have ordered more than one cue.
Line Up Cues (South Africa) – The range of LineUp cues caters for all types of players, from the beginner to the professional; some of the best South African players insist on playing with our cues.
Linear Q(US) – A perfect marriage of conventional pool cue design with ultra-precision linear technology that translates into player accuracy and control like never before.
Lone Star Cues(US) – Custom pool cues made in Texas. Committed to producing high quality cues that are unique in design, have fine workmanship and materials and good playability. Kim Van Camp and Ray Hinton started making cues in 2000. Production is about 1 cue per month.
Longoni Cues (Italy) – Made in Italy since 1945. We are specialized in the production of cues for the following disciplines : Pool, Carom, 3-Cushions Carom, Russian Pyramid, Carolina, 5 Skittles, Goriziana, Italiana.
Longoni Lab (Italy) – 1 community, 1 passion, 1 product. Longoni’s community website including a forum and upcoming events. English, Italian
Mace Cues by Rick Howard(US) – Since 1987. Cues that players and collectors love.
Maestro’s Pro Shop(US)
Maleev Cues (Russia) Russian
Marley Custom Cues(US) – Custom cues by Trent Cowgill.
Martin Chesworth Snooker Cues (United Kingdom) – We are manufacturers of high quality hand-spliced and machine-spliced snooker cues. We can tailor cues to your exact specifications in terms of length, weight, taper and tip size.
Martz Custom Pool Cues(US) – Cues by Tony Martzokis. Manufacturers of hand made custom fitted cues.
Master Cue (China) Chinese
Master Cue (Thailand) – Turning skill and experience into high-quality craftsmanship.
Mastercraft Snooker Cues (United Kingdom) – Handmade snooker cues and handmade pool cues
Matchplay Cues (United Kingdom) – This site gives you the ability to design your own snooker cue, pool cue, or billiard cue to your specification or you can select from our standard range of snooker cues that can be tailored to your requirements.
Maximus Cues (Thailand) – All our shafts are hand crafted by skilled cue makers to create a cue of exceptional quality. We are very confident that you would be satisfied with any of our cues. English, Thai
MBAO Custom Cues (Switzerland) German
McDermott Cues(US) – Manufactures and distributes handcrafted pool cues, high-performance shafts, pool cue cases, billiard balls and quality billiard and pool cue accessories.
McWorter Custom Cues(US) – The website of Jerry McWorter that features the best in high end & collectable pool cues.
Meister Cues(US) – Custom cues by Fred Meister. Fred enjoys producing cues with wood that has special meaning to the owner. A piece of that tree you fell from as a 9-year-old can be the beautiful stock of your new Meister cue.
Meister Cues(US) – Master woodworker Fred Meister. My cues enhance your game, no matter your intermediate-to-professional level of play. My sticks look great and don’t require a bank withdrawal to get one, but most importantly, they make your game better.
Meucci Cues(US) – A world leader in the design and creation of superior quality, high performance pool cues. Meucci Cues has been creating pool cues for decades and will continue to reign supreme for many years to come
Mezz Cues (Japan) – Mezz cues are built to the highest standards using some of the finest materials from around the world. Our cues are made with a commitment to total quality control at each step of the way. Chinese, English, Japanese
Mezz Cues USA(US)
Mike Becker Queue (Germany) – Master of cuemaking and repair. German
Mike Wooldridge Cues (United Kingdom) – Hand made snooker cues, pool cues, billiards cues, cue cases, and cue tips.
Miller Custom Cues(US) – I produce single or limited run pool cues with a unique weight forward design which has been very well received by the pool playing community.
Mitchell Billiards – Consolidated Leisure & Sport (Australia)
Mitchell Thomas Custom Pool Cues(US) – Mitchell’s many years of experience crafting custom cabinets and furniture now includes his unique ability to design and construct some of the most visually stunning pool cues available.
Mojo Cues (United Kingdom) – Daringly different snooker and pool cues
Molinari Cues by Predator(US)
MQ-Queues (Switzerland) German
MVP Custom Cues(US) – Custom cues by Kelly Peterson.
Nelson Custom Cues (Canada) – My business philosophy is simple. I strive to provide the highest levels of quality and service at prices equal to or less than other retailers or cue builders in Southern Ontario.
Nieman Cues(US) – The idea of Nieman Cues began with a love of woodworking combined with a love of the game of pool.
Nitti Custom Billiard Cues(US) – Quality custom made pool cues by Chris Nitti.
North Wales Cases – Crispian Jones Cues (Wales) – A 100% handmade cue made inhouse by myself from start to finish. Photos will be emailed at various stages throughout the making of these cues. Only a limited amount of handmade cues will be made each year.
OB Cues(US) – Since 2005, OB Cues has been pushing the limits of technology in Billiards equipment with its revolutionary pool cue shaft designs.
Oliver Stops Original (Germany) German
Omega Cues
Omen Custom Cues(US) – Specializes in creating exclusive one-of-a-kind custom cues based on customer’s specifications. These handcrafted two-piece cues begin with a commitment to total perfection using the highest quality components available.
Omin Cues Thailand
O’Min Cues Thailand (Thailand) – The name trusted by professional snooker champions. Thai
O’Min Snooker Cues & Accessories (Malaysia) – Snooker news, tournaments, training, learning, players.
Osarah Custom Cues(US) – Founded in the year 2000.
Pancerny Custom Cues(US) – Custom cue building and professional cue repair since 1996.
Pardus Custom Cues (Turkey) – Best quality hand made pool, 3 cushion and carom cues. The workshop of old time craftsmanship, where billiards meet the art and woods have spirit. Everyone in the workshop is also a player, that’s why we work on each cue as unique. English, Turkish
Parris Cues (United Kingdom) – John Parris has been making cues for over 25 years. In that time he has worked with most of the top professional players, either making them new cues or rebuilding and repairing much loved cues they have used for years.
Patrick Custom Cues(US) – Custom cues by Doug Patrick. My cues are custom built one at a time. Not production cues. I do all the work on each and every cue.
Peradon Cues (United Kingdom) – Founded in 1885 Peradon, now based in Liverpool England, we are the world’s longest established cue manufacturing company who were responsible for the introduction of the handspliced cue. Setting the standards for others to follow.
PFD Studios(US) – Paul Drexler began making cues in 1989 as a result of his desire to own a very special cue. He is proud of his cues for their integration of sound construction techniques and unique designs, featuring exotic materials.
Phillippi Custom Cues(US) – Hand crafted custom cues.
Picone Cues(US) – Building fine qualities since 1985.
Pierce Custom Cues – Custom cues made by Jim Pierce. Pierce Custom Cues builds one-of-a-kind cues to customers specifications using the the highest quality materials available.
Poison Billiards by Predator – Pool cues and shafts.
Prather Cues(US)
Predator Cues(US) – A high quality pool cue manufacturer has led the billiard industry’s technological evolution since its inception in 1994. English, French, Japanese, Korean
Primo Custom Cues(US) – We’re always happy to make a cue just for you. Whether it’s your first cue, or your next playing cue we’ll be happy to work with you in building your cues.
QB Custom Cues(US) – Founded in 2003, with dedication and devotion assigned to each and every cue that we build. Because we are a small two man shop, our build production is around 20-25 cues a year.
Rat Cues
Rauenzahn Custom Cues(US) – Jerry does extensive pantograph work, and can do customized work, which is handmade and unique to the owner of the cue.
Rays Lin Custom Cues (Taiwan) – Rays makes less than 50 pool cues per year. Most of his cues sold in Taiwan, a lot of the top player use Rays cues here. If you are looking for pool cues, Rays can provide fancy and great playing cues. English, Taiwanese
Rhythm Custom Cues (Canada) – We are very proud to serve the billiard community with our custom cue, cue repair, billiard supply, and pool table service business. Professional pool cues – meticulously made with precision, playability, and beauty in mind.
Richard Black Custom Cues(US) – Hall of fame cue maker Richard Black has been crafting his fine cues since 1974.
Richard Chudy Custom Cues(US) – You will see new examples of ‘classic style’ cues as well as new albums of cues organized into groups by design.
Richmond Cues (Philippines) – Finest manufacturer of handcrafted pool and billiard cues. Every cue is meticulously designed and hand crafted under the direct supervision of the original “Richmond” family.
Riemann Enterprise Co., Ltd. (Taiwan)
RJH Custom Cues(US) – Custom cues by Richard Hsu.
Roach Custom Cues(US)
Robert Osborne Handmade Cues (United Kingdom) – We are a small business specialising in the manufacture of handmade cues for snooker & English pool. We have been making custom made cues for 20 years, & have built a reputation for quality craftsmanship & good customer service.
Robertson Custom Cues(US) – Professional pool players and hobbyists know the true value that comes with a custom-made pool cue. Robertson Custom Cues offer unsurpassed quality and craftsmanship that can’t be found anywhere else.
Robinson Cues(US) – A unique handcrafted design with the emphasis on quality.
Rocket Cues(US) – Built by a player for a player. Cues by John Rocker.
S & S Cues(US) – Each beautiful, naturally weighted cue is turned on the lathe in our shop with the points meticulously cut in by hand. We use only the best imported woods.
Samsara Cues(US) – Home of the best woodworkers in the pool and billiard industry. Specializing in high quality professional custom pool cues that are unique in design and performance.
Sasaki Cues (Japan) – Hand crafted professional custom cues by Hiroshi Sasaki. English, Japanese
SBY-Billiards Yuan Lo Er Snooker and Billiard Manufacturer (China) Chinese, English
Schmelke Cues(US) – Break with the best.
Schon Custom Cues(US) – Custom pool and billiard cues. We are one of the oldest custom cuemakers in the world with a total staff today of 5 people.
Schuler Cue by Noel Mendoza(US) – Owned and operated by Noel Mendoza, a well known cue maker from Chicago. Noel began making cues in 1995 with the late Ray Schuler and Ray’s wife Catherine.
Schuler Cue LLC(US) – Schuler cue offers many benefits and includes a number of innovations, carom cue and straight rail. Made in the Jacoby Custom Cues shop.
Scorpion Cues – Armor protected with fiberglass to provide protection against warping and dings. Developed especially for the four-time world champion, Johnny Archer the “Le Pro” tips supply increased control and Irish linen wraps reduce slipping while in stroke.
Scot Sherbine Cues – Proficient Billiards(US)
SharpShooter Shafts(US) – Made with nothing but the finest material on the market to exacting standards. We offer 3 different types of SharpShooter Laminated Shafts for your playing needs.
Shenzhen Cobra Sports Goods Company (China) Chinese, English
Shenzhen Shot Sport Product Co., Ltd. (China)
Shurtz Custom Cues(US) – We have been making cues since 1983 in the heartland of our country, and we are a proud member of the American Cuemakers Association. It is our goal to make each customer a cue that is not only strikingly handsome but has a pro quality hit.
Sickles Custom Cues(US) – Custom cues by Jim Sickles. Best hit for the money, and these cues are a great value. Cuemaker only making 5-10 cues a year, with superb workmanship.
SightRight Cues – With the launch of the SightRight® Cue, with patented SightRight® aiming technology, all players, of any ability can now aim on line every time – it really does take the guess work out of playing.
Sima Cues(US) – Custom cue and pool stick maker Mike Sima. Professional cue maker since 1985.
Smeraldi Cues(US) – Both domestic and imported woods are used to give each cue the look and feel the discerning pool player expects. As a pool player myself, I value not only the look of the cue but, more importantly, how well the cue plays.
Smith Handcrafted Custom Cues(US) – My name is Howard Smith. I am a cuemaker. I make handcrafted custom billiard cues. I would like to make one just for you.
South East Cues(US) – Every cue is a reflection of cue master Nat Green’s years of experience and uncompromising dedication to quality and craftsmanship.
Stamford Cuemakers (United Kingdom) – Traditionally hand made snooker cues and leather cases crafted to the highest standards for today’s snooker professionals including Peter Ebdon and Ding Junhui.
Stealth Cues(US) – During the past 16 years Stealth Cues has emerged as a powerhouse in the billiards industry, introducing a number of innovative products since its inception in 1992.
Stenback Custom Cues(US)
Steve Klein Custom Cues(US) – Specializing in custom designed, one of a kind cues. Incorporating ebony, ivory and birdseye maple. Spliced points and veneers our specialty.
Stinger JumpBreak Cues
Super Flash Billiard Cues (Turkey) – The best and the first billiard cues manufacturer in Turkey. English, Turkish
Szamboti Cues Inc(US) – Anyone who has seen or played with a Barry Szamboti cue will agree that it is not only a work of art but of such design precision that affords for ultimate “playability” on the table.
Taylor Cue Company(US) – Formed in 1988 by Kent Taylor a custom cue maker who has built his reputation on building cues for the best players all over the United States.
Thai Cue (Thailand)
Theory Cues (Turkey)
Thierry Chevron (France) French
Thomas Custom Cues(US) – A cue maker dedicated to unique handmade pool cues that pool players and cue collectors truly appreciate. The shop is also known for expert cue repair on high value custom cues.
Tibbitts Custom Cues – We only use the finest materials available with outstanding craftsmanship and a one-of-a-kind product.
Tiger Professional Cues(US) – Manufacturer of fine pool & billiard products. Where craftsmanship & technology unite.
Tonkin Custom Cues(US) – If you’ve been thinking about having a new custom cue made you should call us here at Tonkin’s or send us an e-mail with your design ideas.
Tony Wilshaw Cues (United Kingdom) – Renowned for producing high quality hand-made cues to the customers’ own exclusive specifications. The company was founded in 1985 and has since catered for many top professional players.
Treadway Custom Cues(US)
Triple Cross Cues(US) – Designed and constructed by a player, for players. Consistency is the most important issue in billiard sports.
True Heart Billiard Cues (Canada) – The team to call when you want top quality billiard cues fabricated for your unique vision. From the cues to their accessories and more, we are dedicated to providing you the best products and the best customer service around.
True Heart Billiard Cues (Canada) – Continuing innovation and unique construction processes give True Heart cues both extraordinary playing characteristics and longevity.
Twisted Turtle Custom Cues(US) – Custom pool cues made by Ron Daniels.
Universal Billiard (South Korea) – Technology cues and accessories.
Universal Smartshaft – Combines cutting-edge technology and versatility, giving you more control than ever before. Used by pros Thorsten Hohman and Sarah Ellerby.
Viking – Valhalla Cues(US) – Unrivaled craftsmanship. Merciless performance.
Viking Cue(US) – Makes quality pool cues, billiard accessories, pool cue cases, and cue care products. Viking pool cues are 100% American made.
Vollmer Custom Cues (Germany) – Since 1993, Michael Vollmer has been developing custom cues in his factory. English, German
Wade Custom Cues(US) – Custom cues by Ronnie Wade. Hand made one at a time using tradional short splice techniques. All cues start out from selected squares of highly figured exotic hardwoods that have been properly seasoned.
Wayne Ball’s “Killer” Cues(US) – Wayne Ball does all work himself including inlays and restorations.
Woods Cues (United Kingdom) – A family orientated manufacturer founded by 1985, For over 25 years woods brother have been making the fine cues in the world.
Woodshed Custom Cues (Canada) – All of our cues are built using fine domestic and exotic hardwoods and matched with an A grade hard maple shaft, based on desired weight and balance.
Woodworth Custom Cues(US) – Wide selection of professional custom pool cues made by Woody W. Woodworth.
Worm Custom Cues(US) – Custom cues made by Chad Worm. We make custom cues out of the finest exotic woods available. Our cues are made one at a time no production cues here.
Wright Cues (United Kingdom) – Top quality handmade snooker cues and pool cues from premium hand selected exotic hardwoods and finest straight grained ash and maple shafts. We offer a bespoke personal service giving you a cue of distinction.
Zac Cues (Canada) – Scott Zachow has been building cues since 1995. Great pains are taken to create each master piece, but only cues that perform to Scott’s high standards, earn the Zac Cues label.
Zeus Cues
Zimmerman Custom Cues(US) – Custom cues by Michael Zimmerman.

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