Molinari Pool Cues

Experience Incredible Ballstriking Performance with Predator Carom Technology

There is a stark difference between a Molinari Predator 3142 3C shaft  compared to any other carom shaft: ball-striking performance. This performance is achieved through a revolutionary design that balances the mass and flexibility of the billiard shaft in a way that exactly cancel aiming distortions due to deflection across the wide range of billiard strokes. Only Molinari exclusively offers the Uni-Loc joint on their 3-cushion cues. The result is a playing advantage that is measurable and immediately demonstrable.

This is a dream piece of equipment for 3-cushion billiards – a game where applying, often extreme, amounts of sidespin with accuracy is of paramount importance for success. This cue makes a difficult game less stressful, easier to learn, and more fun to play, like no other cue ever invented. You owe it to yourself to try this groundbreaking cue.

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